Reshape your body & mind

I’ll give you the accountability and motivation you need to get the results you’re after. Join 1000s of past clients and become a part of my powerful & uplifting community on my programme. I’ve designed this to get you into shape, stay motivated & get a handle on your willpower.

Look Good. Feel Good.



Your support and knowledge have changed my life, I have found the old Eilidh again. I feel amazing, I have not worn shape wear since it started and I'm wearing clothes I wore pre-pregnancy. Thank you for all you do, you will never know how much it's improved my life.



It's really hard to find the right words to explain how grateful I am. I was really struggling and wanting to eat everything in sight. The program gave me focus, accountability for my actions and most importantly it helped me maintain consistency throughout.



This was the kick up the bum I seriously needed, I feel more like me than I have in a long time! Instead of sitting around moping about my situation, I made a change. The programme helped me focus and with Diren's help I’m feeling so much happier and healthier.

I’m not selling you a membership, I’m here to solve your problem.



Success Stories

We’re all in this together.


You are not alone, we’re all in this together. My weekly Zoom calls and my private groups are full of energy and education. You’ll be surrounded by not only me but a group of inspiring people. We’ll all work together and encourage each other to achieve our goals. It’s time you join us and get a handle on your eating and willpower.

Work hard or face the consequences.


Accountability is so powerful. Lack of accountability is why you haven’t had sustainable results. Your problem isn’t the hour in the gym. It’s the 23 hours around it. This is where I hold you accountable. You have to check in daily so I can see where you go wrong or right. If you don’t check in, you’ll be hearing from me…

What’s Included

Weekly Calls with me

Every Mon & Thurs at 7pm UK time, I host Q&As and educational sessions designed to help you have fun, feel motivated and learn something new.

Exclusive Content & Tools

Access my favourite recipes, workout plans, my calorie calculator and my exclusive leaderboards for the competitors amongst us.

Connect with Community

We’re all in this together. Become a part of my online community and meet likeminded people striving to achieve the same goals as you.



When are the live Zoom calls? Are they recorded?

The live calls with Diren take place every Monday at 7:30pm & Thursday at 7pm UK time. If you can’t make the calls live, you’ll be able to watch them back as they’re all recorded. We also host live yoga, group workouts & meditation sessions throughout the week. All are sessions are recorded and can be watched back.

Are there any meal plans?

It’s not meal plan based as Diren finds this is often unrealistic long term. Instead, you’ll be given a sustainable calorie and protein target to hit daily. You’ll be held accountable to these daily habits along with others such as getting your #neatup247.

Can I still join if I'm pregnant, early post-partum or injured?

Yes you can if you have clearance from your doctor. When you join, you’ll need to make Diren aware of your circumstances and your doctors advice so they can help you adjust your training/calories accordingly

I work shifts and don't have a lot of spare time, is this plan for me?

The only things that are at scheduled times are the live calls with Diren, the group workouts and the yoga. All of these are recorded so you can watch back when it suits you if you can’t join live. The daily check ins are online and take around 30 seconds to complete. The workouts set by Diren take around 30-45 minutes to complete 3/4 times a week and with the community being all over the world, it’s always active for you to participate in when it suits you!

Is it £99 each month? What happens when the month ends?

It’s £99 for a month of Diren’s coaching, accountability and access to the likeminded community. If you decide to not continue to the next month, we’ll downgrade you to our free subscription. This will give you access to the calorie calculator & some of Diren’s videos. We can send you any data you submitted upon request.

Do I need access to a gym or equipment to join?

In short, no. Whatever your situation, Diren has a workout plan for you based on your level and whether you’re at the gym, home with equipment or home with no equipment.

Are the programmes personalised?
The programmes aren’t personalised as they don’t need to be. It’s what you do with the other 23hrs in your day that will get you the best results which Diren will hold you accountable to daily. If you are unable to do certain exercises due to injury, Diren will be able to give you alternative exercises to suit you.
Do I need to be in the UK to join?

No you don’t, Project X can be accessed from anywhere and we have people in the community from across the world!


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