The high impact coaching and accountability program for people that struggle to lose weight and keep it off


We’ll work together for 6 weeks on your motivation and willpower so that you can lose weight AND keep it off without hating the process. If you sign up to Project X, you will get:

  •  Access to my private group which has my coaching and my coaching videos and where you can ask unlimited questions.
  • Access to the exclusive Project X tools to keep track of your progress and keep you motivated.
  • A place on the Project X Leaderboards, where you can compete against other PX members each week to get to the top.
  • Weekly group goal setting to make sure you stay on track.
  • A 6 week progressive training program for all levels that is guaranteed to get you result.
  • A powerful weekly Zoom check in where you get coaching, mentoring and support from yours truly.
  • Help planning your daily or weekly calorie targets in a simple but super effective way, so that it’s easy to stick to your diet and it doesn’t require willpower.
  • You’ll be involved in my powerful and uplifting community so that you stay super motivated and don’t fall off the wagon.
  • Access to delicious nutritionally balanced recipes which include a full nutritional breakdown so you can easily track your calorie intake and stay on track.
  • Personal challenges to keep you motivated throughout the 6 weeks.
  • Access to all my video content, which includes educational videos, my exercises library and Q&A Videos that you can watch whenever and wherever you like.


WEEK 1 & 2

You will get your program that you’ll be doing for the duration of project X You’ll take this time to get familiar with your program and your calorie goals. We’ll also focus on what changes you’re making and ENSURE we’re going the right direction.

WEEK 3 & 4

These are weeks people usually lose motivation, I’m going to make sure you stay motivated and on form!!!

WEEKS 5 & 6

Mindset and staying committed to what we’ve achieved together. I’m going to ensure that you stay on track even when we’re done!!

Keep in mind I’ll be doing Zoom meetings with you the PROJECT X Champions with educational content and a Q&A at the the end so that you have all of the support, accountability, coaching and mentoring you need to see powerful

I’m not here trying to give you a membership, I’m here because I want to solve your problem.

The total investment is just £174.99


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  • Starts on October 12th.
  •  Access to the private 'Project X 6.0' Facebook group.
  • 6 week fitness program.
  • Group leader boards to keep you motivated.
  • Personal weight tracking tools.
  • Access to all Project X tools.