Project X Lockdown

Project X Lockdown


As we’re going into lockdown 2.0 it’s more important than ever to look after our health but more importantly our Mental Health. I’ve designed a one off program that I’m running throughout the November lockdown.

We’ll be working together for 4 weeks and I’ll be keeping you busy on a daily basis. You’ll be held accountable, motivated and inspired from not only me but my powerful Project X community for 4 weeks!

This is what you’ll get:

* Access to my exclusive project X tools
* Training program for the duration of Project X lockdown
* Live yoga sessions 3 x a week
* Zoom check ins
* Facebook Q&As
* Daily accountability
* Recipes
* Planning daily calorie targets
* Access to my uplifting community
* Access to my educational videos
* Access to my exercise library

I’m going to turn Boris’ unwanted lockdown into the best transformation of your life, enrol now, we start Thursday.

Registration is now CLOSED!